Personal Vibrational Temperature Report (NEW)

“I’m READY for real life changes…”

If you have heard that it is important and necessary to raise your vibrations, how would you know what your vibrations currently are? How would you know if you need to raise your vibes? What if you only need to raise some of your vibrations? What if you did something to raise your vibe, how would you know if it worked?

Because I know the critical importance of knowing your vibrational frequency, and my super power is being able to measure vibrational frequencies, I am now offering a Report that will tell you the vibrational frequency of 12 different markers to give you a better idea of your vibrational health.

Getting your energetic temperature will help you understand your life symptoms. You’ll discover what is preventing you from living the life that keeps calling you.


This 9-11 page report will include your specific readings for the following dozen markers:

  • Mind ~ this will give you an idea of the kinds of thinking you have. The higher the vibe the more positive your thinking will be.
  • Spirit ~ this tells how you are feeling as in low in spirits.
  • Body ~ this tells how much tension and stress you are holding.
  • Wealth ~ this is your container. How much can you hold whether money, love, time, etc.
  • Money ~ this tells your capacity to magnetize and attract money.
  • Dimension ~ this tells the dimension you are able to access and create from.
  • Heart ~ this tells the % your heart center (chakra) is open.
  • Martyr ~ this tells how much unnecessary suffering you are creating as a result of self-neglect and putting others ahead of you costing your well being.
  • Victim ~ this tells how much you are attracting feeling taken advantage of.
  • Shame ~ this tells how much hiding energy you have. Your clients will not be able to find you.
  • Anger ~ this tells how much anger is simmering in the background that you may be unaware of and may be affecting your health.
  • Joy ~ this will let you know if you are as joyful and happy as you think…is there room for more?
  • Telomeres (NEW!) ~ this will tell you of your ability to renew cells to stay as youthful as possible for as long as possible.

This report goes far beyond Dr. David Hawkin’s scale of consciousness. His scale only goes to 1000. I broke through this scale after my 3rd journey into the Amazon jungle to work with the master plant medicine Ayahuasca. As of this writing, clients are getting as high as 250,000 before breaking through to infinity…unlimited potential.

Most people who are struggling are in 3D-5D (dimension). My clients are currently accessing as high as 35D. In these higher vibrations and dimensions, everything gets more effortless and magical.


You will also be given additional information about how this may be manifesting for you in your life and how things could be different if they were eliminated.

If you desire to improve or change what’s not working in your life, you need to know where the specific energetic problems lie. There is ALWAYS an energetic reason for the PROBLEMS in your life.


This is now a pre-requisite for working with me.