Dream Architect Transformation

SPRING EQUINOX Dream Architect Workshop

Theme: L*O*V*E!


Vision Board

 Sunday, MARCH 19, 2017 

1:00 – 4:30 PM ~ RSVP Required
Sausalito, CA 

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10:00 – 11:30 AM PST

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Experience the Dream Architect Process
The most powerful vision boards on the planet!

This is far more than just putting your favorite pictures on a board and hoping for the best. There are vision boards and then there are VISION BOARDS ON STEROIDS! If you are one who likes the BEST, discover a newer, more successful approach honed over a decade.



“Hi Kimberly!  I just wanted to say Thank You for creating such an amazing book!  I absolutely loved it!  It was filled with so much interesting and valuable information and it helped connect me to some areas that I’ve neglected over the past few months.  You have such a gift for healing but also for teaching.  It was the PERFECT thing for me to read at this transitional time in my own life and I can’t wait to work on my vision board.Thank you for providing this valuable product!  Can you feel my excitement?

Becky Swanson, Virginia


2017 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster…the sign of
dawn and awakening, triumph and success!

In what direction will you align yourself?


You know vision boards work! Why not use the most powerful system created? I have spend more than a decade fine tuning the vision board process.

Nearly everyone desires more money, but did you know that the reasons you are not financially abundant can be found in your energetic field and easily cleared? Why not start there?

My vision board process starts with an optional 30-minute private intuitive energetic reading/healing the week before the workshop to start clearing a path to your highest success. Your transformation will start as soon as you make that commitment.

I have a system to create crystal clarity so the Universe knows exactly what you desire.

This is for a small, private group of no more than 20 participants from the San Francisco Bay Area where we will be meeting live and in-person for the workshop.


What makes this workshop so special?

One thing you won’t find anywhere else is during the workshop I use my unique intuitive gifts to raise your energetic vibration to its highest level possible BEFORE you create your board.  This is critical for manifesting that really works! The energy you create your board in is the energy you will manifest it in. If you have a low money vibration when you create your board, that is what you will attract. If you are struggling with money, you can bet you have a low money vibe.

In the LIVE IN-PERSON workshop, I will measure each person’s individual money and wealth vibration. I will take you through a meditation and will make sure you are energetically in alignment with your intentions bringing you to your highest frequencies before you create your board.



“Thank you so much for an inspiring and enjoyable Visioning Workshop.  Your system is clear, powerful and you make it easy to understand and duplicate.  I am thrilled to have a process that will help me Bloom in the way Spirit and I have envisioned!!”

  • Learn the secrets behind the most powerful vision boards with my personal system honed over a decade.

  • Receive The MAP to balance all areas of your life.

“Wonderful!  Organized, well prepared.  Loved the meditations….”


  • Maximun clarity for your desires.

  • Tell the Universe exactly how it can support you.

“Kimberly’s Dream Architect Workshop is an amazing life changing tool. It is not simply about creating a nice and colorful board, but about giving expression to your dreams, will and creation power. If you fear that you may not know what to do when asked to create your board, let me assure you that Kimberly’s pure and deep meditation will lead you where you need to be to go deep inside and acknowledge the dreams that you want to give expression to. I vividly recommend this workshop and Kimberly’s Dream Architect book to anyone who is ready to make profound life changes.
T.E. (Humanitarian worker)

  • Create more joy, pleasure, success, freedom, security, and serenity in your life.

  • Receive insight into your personal blocks with an intuitive reading/clearing as  you clear a path to your success.

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing not just Kimberly’s unique ability to blend bodywork with intuitive healing, but also her One-of-a-Kind DREAM ARCHITECT Workshop! If REAL transformation is what you are seeking, Kimberly has the ability to help you find your way, releasing old patterns as well as ideas and emotions that keep us tethered to our pasts and encouraging you to create a New Beginning! Kimberly often graces the Miami area with her presence…we are blessed!”
Lorraine Meyer, Miami, FL

  • Discover how to avoid the law of polarity ~ Abundance followed by Lack.

  • Learn how to protect your board and clear it if it becomes contaminated.

Testimony from 12.12.12 Dream ArchitectTM Workshop:


If you are serious about listening to that inner calling
to create your heart’s desire


This WILL change your life…

  • One 30-minute Private Intuitive Reading to ensure clarity is highly recommended ($250 value)
  • A second reading in the weeks following is highly recommended and optional.
  • UPDATED 51-page Colorful Dream Architect eWorkbook  ($29 value)
  • 3 1/2 hour workshop to lead you through my signature process  ($1200 value)

Over $1400 value of goods and services!
LIVE IN-PERSON Workshop with 
private 30-min reading:  $197.


Includes Workbook, foam core board, glue stick,
and the powerful activating meditation


Includes Workbook, foam core board, glue stick,
and the powerful activating meditation






Includes Workbook, Webinar, and recording




IncludesAt Home Self-Study Toolkit

Includes PRE-RECORDED Video of LIVE Workshop, Video of Webinar,
MP3 Meditation, Workbook, and Worksheets