Wealth Without Worry ~ 1:1 Program



Looking for private, one-to-one guidance and specific-to-you energetic clearing?  

  • Tired of cookie cutter, do-it-yourself, downloadable programs?
  • Ready to break away from the pack mentality and desire a more personal approach?
  • Are you in a coaching program and feel overwhelmed by all your stuff surfacing?


This 90 day one-to-one program is for you if… 

  • You know you have a “lack” mindset but don’t know how to shift it.
  • You can manifest easily but it’s not reliable or consistent.
  • Your money expands and contracts like a tsunami and the desert.
  • Your NUMBER ONE excuse for most everything in your life is…”I don’t have enough money!”
  • You make plenty of money but it never seems to be enough.
  • You don’t really enjoy your money because you are working too hard and are exhausted.
  • You crave peace of mind and want to stop worrying about losing money.



THE HEART OF THIS IS NOT A GROUP PROGRAM…  (This is private, one-to-one clearing and guidance.)

2016 is the year of the ambitious and adventurous red-fire monkey. Align yourself for effortless success, prosperity, and money! Get ready to amplify your wealth!!



This is what you get with this 90-day program:

  • (6) Private 1:1 Healing/Clearing sessions ~ 1st session is 1 hour and remaining five sessions are 45 minutes each.
  • Tri-weekly readings of your personal energetic temperature via text.
  • (2) Q&A Group calls each month
  • (3) Wealth Without Worry Bodywork sessions – highly intuitive massage to clear more money blocks and integrate body with mind & spirit. (For local clients.)
  • BONUS: The Energy of Money 6-week group program
  • Tools to keep your vibration high between sessions.
  • Email access with 24 hour response Monday – Friday.
  • Private Wealth Without Worry Facebook Group
  • BONUS ~ Private videos not available to the public.

You will experience the following:

  • Take the “hard” out of your work.
  • Create crystal clarity for what you would like to realistically manifest and goals you desire to reach.
  • Experience magical manifestations in “no effort.”
  • Discover how to minimize the law of polarity…abundance followed by lack.
  • Discover why you can be abundant and still not able to make enough money.
  • Create balance in both giving and receiving.
  • Communicate money issues without getting triggered.
  • Feel deserving of an abundance of money.
  • Connect your heart to manifesting wealth.
  • Break hidden family agreements of poverty and struggle.
  • Create realistic intentions that cause massive expansion not splatter.
  • Discover the power of co-creation for the most influential and potent manifestations.
  • Learn a simple daily meditation that will carry you beyond the 90 days.


Who this is best suited for:

  • Primarily: Powerful 6 figure women with a mission who want to keep more of the money they make and stop worrying about losing it.
    Secondarily: Gifted coaches, healers, light workers, and awakening entrepreneurs.
  • Those who are great with making money and are working way too hard to enjoy it.
  • Those who have been previous 6 figure earners yet are unable to get back to the same results. What worked in the past no longer works.
  • Those in tune with their intuition and can move energy quickly.  They just need to know where to shine the light.
  • Those who already have some sort of method, practice or way of creating shifts in their life.
  • Those who feel deeply they are meant to have an abundance of money in their life and that their wealth is part of their higher calling towards helping the evolution of the planet and humanity.
  • Those who have a very clear global intention of how they intend to use their wealth to benefit not only themselves, but humanity and the planet.
  • Those who have exhausted other avenues of increasing consistent wealth and are at a loss for what else to do.
  • Those who know how to be accountable for everything they create in their life.
  • Those who are tired of wasting valuable time and resources and are really ready for a major shift in their life.


Why this is different from anything else and why you can expect results:

  • You will experience a more effortless approach…being energetically taken to the highest vibration possible and then watch everything in your life that can not sustain this high frequency begin to shift.
  • You will get a tri-weekly energetic temperature reading of your actual wealth and money frequencies…an invaluable service that keeps you connected to your financial energetic health on a regular basis!
  • You will see literal measurable numeric results.
  • You do not need to discover, examine, identify, nor dissect limiting beliefs or root causes.
  • It doesn’t matter what your parents believed about money nor how it affected you in order to get results.
  • The heart of this program is personal/private clearing, healing, support, and guidance for your specific situation.
  • Discover easy tools to keep your wealth and money frequencies flowing in between private sessions.


 Why I am best suited to work with you:

  • The most important reason is that you intuitively know we are meant to work together…you can feel it.
  • I know poverty first hand, having grown up on welfare with deep religious programming that condemned money as the root of all evil and considered having things as being materialistic.
  • I have healed and continue to heal my own money issues.
  • When I first discovered how to sustain my wealth and money frequencies, I made $6,000 in just a few days.
  • Now I make over $100,000 a year.
  • I have helped others create financial success and expansion (see success stories).
  • I lead a life of effortless manifesting, with the freedom to travel, an abundance of friends, love, and increasing wealth.
  • I have spent the last 17 years honing my gift of intuition and healing.
  • I am on the cutting edge of new energetic discoveries that are channeled to me.

Who will NOT benefit from this program:

  • Those who are committed to their stories.
  • Those who like to complain and make excuses.
  • Those who are looking for a magic pill.
  • Those who are used to others doing their work and want this to be no different.
  • Those who operate through fear and are afraid to change their life.
  • Those who only look outside of themselves for answers and are unwilling to change.
  • Those who blame others for their current situation.
  • Those who do not know how to be accountable for what they create.
  • Those who do not have a bigger vision of helping others.

 Success Stories:

  • One woman who had a part-time business helping newly divorced or widowed women manage their finances got so much clarity that she decided to take her at-home-business outside of the home and go full-time. She doubled her income in about 3 months.
  • A stay-at-home mom with a new coaching business had her biggest month ever after about 7 weeks and made $6,000. Five months later she reported that she had made $10,000 in one month. Her husband who has a completely unrelated occupation also made $10,000 for the first time ever…in the same month…and he wasn’t even in the program! The ripple effect. She now has $2200 VIP Days with her clients, purchased the home she was struggling to pay rent for, bought her first brand new car, and travels often.
  • Another woman increased her family business from 1.8 million to 3 million during the program. She received her highest year-end bonus ever during this time…over $400,000.
  • An artist who had very little contact with her mother received an unexpected check for $10,000 from her a few months into the program.
  • One man, after his third session generated two successive $10,000 months.  This was a pleasant surprise after years of struggling.

How do I participate?

  • CLICK HERE to set up a 1 hour Money Breakthrough Energetic Assessment to get your questions answered, and to see if we are a good fit for each other. You can then decide if you are truly ready to commit to investing in some real life changes and start attracting the life you desire and deserve.


If you are serious about making a huge shift in your life, are ready to invest in yourself, and are sending the intention of creating more wealth, abundance AND MONEY, you will attract that. That is why you have been lead here. My gift is to be able to help you discover how to expand, sustain, and maintain your desire. You only need to demonstrate you are ready by taking action and signing up.    “I COMMIT TO MYSELF NOW!”


Your success is my success and I am fully and completely committed to helping you manifest a new life of abundance and wealth. Because of my complete devotion to you and all my clients, there is limited space for my individual attention.  After these spaces fill, a waiting list will be created for those next in line to create the life of their dreams!

Set up a complimentary up to 1 hour Money Breakthrough Assessment NOW!

To your abundant success!