Highest LOVE Vibes Group Program








Whether you desire a wealth of money or a wealth of LOVE, the SECRET to attracting and keeping more of it in your life is aligning yourself to a specific frequency and energy that resonates with your highest intentions. If you’ve tried everything else and know you are still out of energetic alignment, check this out!

How do you know if your life is out of alignment? Look around…what are you attracting. If it’s not exactly what you desire…you’re out of alignment.

This is not a wave-the-wand methodology. It requires a consistent, easy-to-do practice that creates deep peace, clarity, and more LOVE in your life with less effort. Whether your goal is to create more self-love, improve an existing relationship, or attract a new love interest, the process is the same.

Why This Is So Successful!

  • * Even though this is a group program, it starts with a super powerful private 1:1 energy clearing session with Kimberly so you can get a huge head start.
  • * This program is based on years of working a proven, successful system with my private 1:1 clients and a group program on the Energy of Money.
  • * This program is done over a 3 month period allowing bad habits of feeling unworthy to be broken and replaced with lovable thinking and actions.
  • * You will experience a more effortless approach…being energetically taken to the highest vibration possible, where all your dream, desires, and LOVE exist, and then watch everything in your life that can’t sustain this high frequency begin to shift.
  • * You will see literal measurable numeric results from the time you start as I use my gifts to measure your vibrational frequency.
  • * Results are amplified through the synergy of a group harmonic field…POWERFUL Stuff!!
  • * You do not need to discover, examine, identify, nor dissect limiting beliefs or root causes.
  • * It doesn’t matter what your parents believed about love nor how it affected you in order to get results.

If you are tired of feeling lonely and unlovable, whether you are in a relationship or not, tired of yet another failed relationship and are ready to amplify your love life, and know you need help getting there…if only it were more affordable…here’s your chance to finally change your love story, become more magnetic and start attracting more love with more ease!

You will experience the following:

  • * Take the “hard” out of finding love so you can enjoy the relationship you deserve by becoming irresistibly magnetic.
  • * Release the self-judgements that plague you with negative self-talk and push love away.
  • * Create crystal clarity for how you desire to feel in your next relationship so the Law of Attraction can work in your favor.
  • * Discover how to energetically balance your masculine and feminine energies and why it’s important to have 100% of each. This will be measured.
  • * Discover the magical “WE” space that is the key to healing relationship issues.
  • * Learn why you should NEVER cut energy cords and a better way to release those attached to and manipulating you, including past relationships.
  • * Open the channels to communication to you can feel seen and heard.
  • * Feel safe to open your heart and allow love to reflect the beauty, joy and splendor of you.
  • * Learn a simple daily meditation that will carry you beyond this group program.

This is a small group program for no more than 12 peoplestarting March 19, 2017 with the inspiring and fun Dream Architect Workshop.

Now that you’ve had the chance to hibernate over winter, reflecting and storing up valuable energies…HOW WILL YOU EMERGE FROM YOUR CHRYSALIS?

Use the energy of Spring to emerge with your most vibrant and magnetic vibration. Allow the Law of Attraction to work in your favor. Align yourself for a successful Love life NOW! You can keep doing what you are doing or you can take a leap of faith, if this feels aligned in any way, and watch the magic unfold….

What’s included?:

  • * (2) private one-hour 1:1 sessions – the first to get you off with a clear start and a second “wild card” to use any time during the 3 month program.  ($1000 value)
  • * (7) group clearing sessions (including individual energetic temperature reading each time – 60-90 min) ($2000 value)
  • * (7) Group Q&A sessions for lasered mentoring, recorded so you can listen to emailed questions later. (60-90 min) ($1500 value)
  • * Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice Dream Architect Webinar
    (or LIVE Workshop for locals) ($194 value)
  • * MP3 Money Meditation ($29 value)
  • * Emailed questions answered Monday – Friday
  • * BONUS #1: Pre-recorded 6 week program The Energy of Money so you can eliminate the #1 argument in most relationships…Money! ($497 value)
  • * BONUS #2: Pre-recorded 6 week program The Energy of Love ($497 value)

Dates: (All sessions are recorded in case you miss any.)

  • Schedule 1:1 sessions ~ between now and March 22
  • Group Clearing Sessions ~ e/o Thursdays @ noon PST
  • Wealth Without Worry Bi-monthly Group Q&A ~
    e/o Wednesdays @ noon PST

    Sunday, March 19 ~ Spring Equinox Dream Architect Webinar/Workshop
    Thursday, March 23 ~ 1st Group clearing
    Wednesday, March 29 ~ Q&A
    Wednesday, April 5 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, April 13 ~ Group clearing
    Wednesday, April 19 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, April 27 ~ Group clearing
    Wednesday, May 3 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, May 11 ~ Group clearing
    Wednesday, May 17 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, May 25 ~ Group clearing
    Wednesday, May 31 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, June 1 ~ Group clearing
    Wednesday, June 7 ~ Q&A
    Thursday, June 15 ~ Group clearing
    Sunday, June 20 ~ Summer Solstice Dream Architect Webinar/Workshop

(Private 1:1 sessions currently cost from $500 an hour to $8,000-$12,000 for a 3 month program .)

 Program FEE: (Over $5700 value)

$1997 full pay 

or $550 x 4 monthly payments