Attain Higher Levels of Awareness Than You Ever Thought Possible!

By Kimberly Sherry, Author, Speaker, Mentor & Money Energy Expert I recently returned from my third trip to the Amazon jungle where I spent three weeks working with the Shipibo Shamans and their master plant teacher, Ayahuasca. Three months prior to this, I facilitated this same expedition with the help of a translator. This translator […]

When God’s Answer is “NO!”

First, let me say that using the term “God” is just a way to simplify all the uses of “the energy that binds all the Universes in an orderly fashion”, your Higher Power, Divine Intelligence, Allah, Jehovah, the Supreme Being, Source Energy, and many other terms you may use. While I no longer believe in the […]

3 Lessons From The Amazon Mosquitos

Did you know the mosquitos conquered the   Spanish conquistadores. This is why the Amazonian jungle was never conquered. Needless to say, the mosquitos were one of the biggest challenges while on my recent adventure into the Peruvian jungle. It seemed that no natural repellant was completely effective since we chose not to use the more […]

How to Make It Actually Happen!!

The biggest thing I noticed that stopped most people from going on my adventure into the Amazon was the same thing that stops people in general from what they truly desire. They could not get past figuring out HOW to make it happen. However, whether it’s going to the Amazon or answering some other deeply felt call…not […]

How To Gain Clarity In Life? No more DEAD ENDS!

  I feel so blessed that I am finally living a life of freedom… Freedom to travel and conduct my business from anywhere in the world had been a dream I held for many years. As I write this, I am enjoying 9 days in Kauai…working a bit and mostly enjoying the relaxed lifestyle here. My daughter […]

The #1 Reason You Are Not Making More Money

Simply put…your money is not at a high vibration.  More and more people will be paying attention to the vital importance of keeping their money vibration high. I’ve seen many people time and time again who are full of love, who meditate regularly, who think nothing but positive thoughts, and know their life purpose, yet […]

What’s Your 2015 Personal Number?

I just purchased the Life Purpose app by Dan Millman, author of many books, the most well known is The Peaceful Warrior. To help you start your new year off in the best possible energetic alignment, I’ve included some info of Dan’s to help you find your personal year for 2015, and what that year means […]

Sacred Awakening Retreat ~ San Diego, CA

            Activating Joy, Purpose, and Wealth Without Worry! Now accepting applications. Space is limited to only 20. If you’d like to join us, request an application at and I’ll send you all the details. AUGUST 21-27, 2015  POSTPONED Co-facilitated by Intuitive Healer, Kimberly Sherry and Spiritual Activist, Alexis Leiva. Combined, we bring […]

Numbers…The Secret to Your Success

Numbers are not sexy. They are highly charged energetically and most people avoid them like the plague.   That’s just on the outside. The secret of numbers lies underneath. Understanding the hidden powers held within numbers gives you more clarity and power. I’m not talking about numerology or astrology…although I have nothing against them. There […]

The Law of Emergence

emergence |iˈmərjəns| noun 1 the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed: I misjudged the timing of my emergence. • the escape of an insect or other invertebrate from an egg, cocoon, pupal case, etc. the parasite’s eggs hatch synchronously with the emergence of the wasp larvae. 2 the process of […]