Highest LOVE Vibes Group Program

            Whether you desire a wealth of money or a wealth of LOVE, the SECRET to attracting and keeping more of it in your life is aligning yourself to a specific frequency and energy that resonates with your highest intentions. If you’ve tried everything else and know you are still out of energetic alignment, […]

Highest Money Vibes Group Program

  The SECRET to making and keeping more money is less about going out and working hard to get it than it is about aligning yourself to a specific frequency and energy that resonates with your highest intentions. This is not a get rich quick methodology. It requires a consistent, easy-to-do practice that creates deep […]

Wealth Without Worry ~ 1:1 Program

    Looking for private, one-to-one guidance and specific-to-you energetic clearing?   Tired of cookie cutter, do-it-yourself, downloadable programs? Ready to break away from the pack mentality and desire a more personal approach? Are you in a coaching program and feel overwhelmed by all your stuff surfacing?   This 90 day one-to-one program is for you if…  You […]

Dream Architect Transformation

SPRING EQUINOX Dream Architect Workshop LAST LIVE WORKSHOP Theme: L*O*V*E!    Sunday, MARCH 19, 2017   LIVE IN-PERSON 1:00 – 4:30 PM ~ RSVP Required Sausalito, CA  (PAY @ bottom of this page)   OR LIVE ONLINE WEBINAR 10:00 – 11:30 AM PST (Register & Pay @ bottom of this page)   Experience the Dream Architect Process […]

Personal Vibrational Temperature Report (NEW)

“I’m READY for real life changes…” If you have heard that it is important and necessary to raise your vibrations, how would you know what your vibrations currently are? How would you know if you need to raise your vibes? What if you only need to raise some of your vibrations? What if you did […]