I believe each of us is perfect, luminous and brilliant beyond belief.

I believe healing is necessary, not because you are broken, defective or damaged, but because some of your essence is buried among the lies and misconceptions you believe about yourself.

You entered this world with radiant innocence and no judgments. The judgments you now carry do not belong to you, and can be easily released. This will open a space within your heart that allows all healing to take place.

I am an intuitive energy healer. I detect where stagnant energy collects in your body and in the energetic field around your body, and I use my gifts to clear it. When I read your energy field, I can see a story that reflects your life experiences. Based on where the energy has collected, I can also see what you may be experiencing right now.

I use my intuition, training and life experience to clear your stagnant energies, and the result of the clearing will be reflected in your life. My clients tell me they feel “lighter, open, at ease, and more relaxed with a greater sense of clarity” after a session.

They have also reported getting along better with their spouse, have less anxiety and worry about money, get more “aha’s”, and have  less tension and pain in their body. They have a hard time explaining why life just feels easier.


My journey

I discovered my gift in 1998, quite by accident. My journey toward energy work began as a way to heal my emotional scars from childhood.  I knew in my heart that I could kinesthetically feel other people’s emotions through my hands, yet, back then, I didn’t understand how to use my ability to help people clear their energy fields.  I worked as a masseuse, and I hid my healing gifts behind amazing massages.

After leaving a life long religious cult, I began seeking out ways to understand my gift in deeper ways, and to expand my intuitive abilities.  I learned through Aesclepion Intuitive Training in San Rafael, California, to hone my skills and master my ability over a period of 12 years of weekly training. This helped to deprogram early childhood lies I had been taught through the cult.

After I acknowledged my ability to heal energetically with touch, the Universe acknowledged me with more healing gifts.

I continue to study and learn more about this truly amazing gift I’ve been blessed with because I believe so strongly in the results my clients get after I clear their energies.

Today, I am an internationally recognized Energy Healer, a Seer, and a Spiritual Guide.

Do you feel fearful of your future?  Are you are walking around in a haze and mental fog that makes it difficult to make important decisions?   Do you feel like you should be further along in your life path than you are but at a loss for how to accelerate your progress?

If you are ready for some real life changes so that you can think more clearly, communicate more effectively, take action from a more empowered place, access your creative genius and life purpose…schedule a complimentary 1 hour Money Breakthrough Assessment. Then we can see if  my work would be suitable for you and if we are a good fit.  Click here to schedule


“Some gifts can never be taught.  Heightened awareness distinguishes exceptionally perceptive practitioners from the norm.”  Kimberly Sherry

Healed baby with fever the night beforeGuatemala Healing with InterperterI love to travel and have had the opportunity to heal the indigenous Mayan people of Guatemala, participating in their ancient 4-day ritual of bringing in the New Year.

My travels have taken me from the ancient temples in China and Tibet to the mosques of Istanbul.  I have visited the wondrous historical site of Machu Picchu in Peru twice, stone circles and ancient Druidic sites in Ireland, and the home of the famous Oracle of Delphi in Greece.  I have explored seven of the islands in French Polynesia,  three of the Hawaiian Islands and Florence, Italy.  In all of these places I received healing and collected ancestral healing information.  I have also participated extensively with Native American ceremonies for the past 15+ years.  

My most recent trip took me deep into the Amazon jungle of Peru to work with the Shipobo shamans and their plant medicines, including their master plant teacher, ayahausca.  I am looking forward to visiting Butan, Thailand, Bali, Egypt, India and Africa among other places.