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Testimony by Skye Kooyman ~ Kimberly Heals Hearts

Testimony by Amanda Geller


Long distance healing client in Switzerland:

“To work with Kimberly has been a journey full of wonders, happiness, unravelling and deep truth. In other words…I loved it!  

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, I knew that my work changes many lives and I saw the meaning and value in my work. Even when I was sure that the price was showing the right value and represented my worth, I had a stone in my throat when I shared it with my prospects.

During Kimberly’s sessions I made big shifts and I am now able to talk about my offers with pure power and strength. I feel grounded and was able to release lots of old limiting beliefs that made me feel small. 

Through Kimberly I learned great tools so that I am now able to live a life in abundance and joy. I highly recommend Kimberly’s work!”

Andrea Hiltbrunner, Switzerland
Life Coach ~


Local delighted client:

VickiB“In the past five years I went from being a newlywed, to a widower, to happily becoming a significant other in a loving new relationship. Mixed in were professional challenges, too. I’d lost my job after 10 years with the same firm, and suddenly became an “accidental entrepreneur” starting a new business on my own. The ebb and flow of these recent life events resulted in few hours of sleep and a chronic muscular fatigue I was experiencing in my right hip.

At my first body work session with Kimberly, she instinctively asked if I’d recently, or was currently going through a major life change. After describing the above, she relayed that she could feel I was “stuck”, and that the pain in my right hip was my body both protecting and challenging me to go forward and to move on. Once I released that tension and sadness, I could move freely, both physically and mentally. I associated this with having one foot in the past and one foot moving forward. Grievance is a personal journey. I grieved for my late husband and have honored his memory, and yet I was ready to let go and embrace the happiness I’d found in my new relationship. It was time to heal. And with Kimberly’s help, I did.

As a result of two years working with Kimberly, I’m pleased to say I am pain free in my right hip, and have experienced a sense of clarity like never before. Kimberly’s body work has benefits that go way beyond a massage. She exudes a sense of calmness and serenity. I go into a zone where I completely feel safe and free to release negative energy and most importantly, build upon my positive vibrations! My relationships, both personal and in business have cultivated to a level I’ve never been before. I highly recommend Kimberly for “stand alone” sessions or in conjunction with your other spiritual practices. She is superb!!”

Vicki Bentley – Sausalito, CA


Long distance healing client:

CJ_Coaches“For the past six months, I have been working with Kimberly as part of her Maintain Your Bliss Package.  She assists me in working with a different realm than I can access on my own.  I find her work to be very calming and validating as well.

At the end of one session, I was feeling extremely calm and peaceful.  She checked my Number of Light, and it was 999. She said, “I’ll just wait while you bring that up to 1000.”

I freaked.  I couldn’t believe I was so close to 1000.  I tried but I just couldn’t imagine vibrating that high and, thus, I could not raise my vibration by that one last single digit.  With the negative thinking I had going on, it is a wonder my vibration didn’t lower.  I found it very telling that I had resistance to vibrating at such a high level.

Expanding my varied personal growth path to include Kimberly’s work has offered further clarity and support for living fully and authentically and bringing my own unique work to the world. I am thankful for her energetic clearing and healing work.

And yes, I have now reached 1000 – more than once!

CJ Blaquera, Weight Loss Coach


Long distance healing client in Wisconson:

Wendy Wolfe“To understand how awesome a healing session is with Kimberly, let me share a little background with you.

I’ve been receiving healings for decades.  I’ve had to as the early years of my life were filled with sexual, physical and ritual abuse.  My healing journey has taken me to many healers that shed many layers for which I am grateful.  It also led me to becoming a healer as well…for animals.  I thought I had cleared most everything “old” and yet I have been ill with Lymes disease and intense physical anxiety. I realized I needed help and was led to Kimberly in that magical way that the universe has of bringing you just what you need.

Even though we were 2500 miles apart, I could feel her shifting my energy and raising my vibration.  I was surprised when she described and cleared an experience from nearly 50 years ago.  It felt so freeing.  Her intuitive knowing and understanding of energy provided me with a deep and needed clearing.  Afterward I felt a sense of peace that has eluded me for many months. She also taught me new and effective ways to keep my energy clear so that I can continue this great feeling.  She is loving, compassionate and truly the healers healer.  If you want to move forward in your life with ease and grace, let Kimberly help you. You will be very glad you did.”

Wendy Wolfe, Wisconson
Animal Communicator & Intuitive Educator
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Long distance healing client in Florida:

“I would just like to give a testimonial to Kimberly’s amazing healing energy.

I did a phone consultation with her last week and I swear I was tingly all over. First of all it was super relaxing, she gave me amazing food for thought *and* was the most incredible experience of feeling centered I have had since I can remember.

This is what I told her after the call – you know when you listen to the radio and there is a hiss shhhh thing in the background and then you get a clear channel or switch to HD and all the sound is crisp and clear and no hissing only powerful loveliness? *THAT* is how I felt when we were finished. Like me – but in High Definition.

“Then* Kimberly came to Miami. And I went to one of her workshops. In person. I know, Blessed am I! Anyway all I can say is – HIGH DEFINITION!

Oh! and Thank you Kimberly!”

Maggie ReyesMiami, Florida


Long distance healing client from Pennsylvania:

“Just want to chime in with my healing experience with Kimberly.  We had a 30 minute call this afternoon, and I’m a little blown away.  I can be skeptical, so I went in with the intention to be open. The content was very interesting to me.  I’ve reviewed my notes, and I’m so impressed with how accurate her comments were….but the most striking thing for me is her interpretation of the information she was receiving.  It is almost as if she took the thoughts out of my head, and showed me were in my body they were manifesting as a block.  Fascinating!

Now, for the interesting part.  For at least 5 weeks I’ve been fighting some back pain, particularly around my neck and where that connects to my shoulders.  I’ve not really had pain there before that the chiropractor couldn’t fix.  I’ve gone 2x in 5 weeks, (my normal chiropractic is maybe 1 or 2x a YEAR). Lots of things that have always worked in the past, but the pain just kept coming back.

Kimberly found that area first, and I’ve just now noticed hours later that the pain is all but gone. There is some lingering pain, but the intensity and level is down a good 90%.

I didn’t need a reason to believe how amazing she is, I could just feel it from the call itself.  But, realizing this level of improvement this quickly is beyond my expectations.

Thank You Kimberly!”

Lani Harmon – Erie, Pennsylvania


Testimony from participant at Christine Kane’s retreat in North Carolina:

“Most people don’t realize that even healing practitioners need someone they can turn to. In this sense we are just like

anyone else, in that we also have blocks and concerns that we may find are not always easy to address on our own. Just like you, sometimes it’s helpful to have another set of ‘eyes’ to help us, someone who can resonate with our unique needs and demands. And as a healer, I admit to having a really high bar; I’ve looked for many years for that special healer that I could trust and respect.

This July of 2011, I had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time, when I ‘accidentally’ found myself seated next to Kimberly Campbell Sherry at a dinner one night. We started chatting and she offered her services to me, right there in that fancy restaurant. Kimberly immediately understood and conveyed to me a core life hindrance I had been processing for many years; and I had been clear I needed a kindred soul, that special healer, to facilitate it’s resolution. The very moment she placed her hands on me, I knew that she was not your average intuitive healer. I had found that kindred soul! The effect and the results were immediate under her gentle hands.

I have worked with many healers and psychics, but never have I come across one with the depth and grace – and purity of power – that Kimberly holds. She is a “Healer’s healer”, one who carries a light hand and a deep heart. I feel blessed and honored to have met her: there are no accidents, after all!”

Kimberely A. Arana, California
Natural Intuitive, shamanic healer and professional herbalist


Testimony From Miami, via Afghanistan and Haiti

“Dreams do come true. I had to come to Miami, via Afghanistan and Haiti, to find this amazing intuitive healer. I trust it happened when I was ready to meet her and, in fact, meet my Self. For this reason, I want to share with you some words on Kimberly Sherry.

Kimberly’s Dream Architect Workshop is an amazing life changing tool. It is not simply about creating a nice and colorful board, but about giving expression to your dreams, will and creation power. If you fear that you may not know what to do when asked to create your board, let me assure you that Kimberly’s pure and deep meditation will lead you where you need to be to go deep inside and acknowledge the dreams that you want to give expression to. I vividly recommend this workshop and Kimberly’s Dream Architect book to anyone who is ready to make profound life changes. The Dream Architect Workshop and book are not, however, Kimberly’s only gifts to us. 

Kimberly does an “out of this world” body work and intuitive readings that will greatly help you with (re)becoming your true self. Kimberly can see exactly how and where to “touch” you to give you the healing, relief and change you need. You must experience in person her gifts to fully understand the meaning of my words. I am more free, happy and grateful.  

This lovely lady’s young and powerful spirit and amazing gifts have touched me deeply and I cannot recommend her enough to you. Kimberly, thank you for sharing your gifts with us. A true humanitarian. Bless you.

(Humanitarian worker)