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Welcome! I’m Kimberly Sherry, International Energetic Healer. I believe in divine timing and attraction. You have been lead here because you know you were meant to have a bigger, more rewarding life that deeply impacts the lives of others. You can feel the inner longing and need to help others so that your life journey can finally serve a purpose.

You may even be a healer or life coach that is impacting the world in a big way, and you know you have more to share. You also recognize that even healers and coaches have blind spots and places you can’t quite access. You know there is a reason it hides in the shadows…cloaked in fear.

Affectionately known as “the healer’s healer”, I can help your life to flow easily as it reflects the grounded clarity you feel in your body. I can help you to access your inner magician on a consistent basis so you can manifest all that you know is possible. I can help you create a life of effortless actions so that your life is abundantly joyful and infinitely rewarding all without having to re-live or dissect painful life experiences.

Knowing that a healer can only heal others to the extent they have healed themselves, I have spent a lifetime unburying my light. My challenging life experiences have been my gift so I can now bring this wisdom, understanding, and healing to you.

Why wait any longer? If you are ready to breakthrough your challenging issues and align with the love, joy, and wealth you deserve, see how I can support you. Take your next step and schedule your Complimentary Energetic Assessment Call here.

I invite you to share this site with anyone you know who is ready to heal and release their limiting beliefs so they can more fully bring their gifts and light to the world.


Interview with Kimberly


Briefly, what was your experience?

I was sexually abused by my alcoholic father from the age of two and a half until I went to kindergarden at age five.  I have no memories before the age of five but the body never forgets.  It was not until I had my own children that I began to understand what had happened.  This unfolded over a period of 20 plus years through a variety of ways…dreams, intuitive readings, physical issues, and finally with several visits by my father after his passing.

I was also raised in a religious cult that created a life of isolation, fear, shame, and guilt. My lowest point was when I walked into a sporting goods store to buy a gun to end my life and realized I could not do that to my two children. This began the long journey towards discovering a life of ease, joy, love and effortless abundance.

Children survivors often develop very sensitive radar and this has been my gift through all of this.  Because of my finely tuned intuition, I was drawn to the intuitive arts.  I spent 12 years training weekly to trust what I knew, felt, and saw.


Who is your ideal client?

I work best with the awakening woman who is on a spiritual path and wants to heal her life mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She is open to alternative and energetic healing and  ready to unburden herself of old, painful stories and limited thinking that keep her from moving forward. She is ready and willing to invest in herself and the time and energy necessary to make needed changes. She has finally surrendered to the idea that she needs consistent support and does not want to do it alone anymore. She has tried other therapies and is not interested in dissecting and revisiting past traumas. She is overwhelmed with confusion and self-sabotage and would like to create significantly more ease and joy in her life and body.  She feels a strong pull towards bringing forth her hidden talents and making a bigger contribution to the world.


What benefits can I expect by working with you?

After working with clients for more than 16 years, the most common immediate benefit is feeling more peaceful and calm, more grounded with an increased clarity.  Other benefits include improved communications with loved one, clients, and colleagues, feeling heard and seen. You will experience more confidence and a willingness to be more connected. Saying “no” will no longer be a struggle and you will not be inclined to seek the approval of others. You may experience improved health, feel sexier, and your opening heart will attract more love into your life. Increasing wealth, prosperity and money will reflect your inner landscape. As you expand your boundaries you will feel more empowered to live your life.


What kind of training do you have in this field?

I do not have any specific training in sexual abuse other than having been a victim and successfully overcome the shame, emotional pain and physical effects on my body through self-healing.  I received my psychic training through Aesclepion Intuitive Training in San Rafael, CA over 12 years. I also lead clinics there for channeled healings. I founded and facilitated a support group for former religious cult members, and ran this group for nine years. I was told on many occasions that I had saved someone’s life. I have been helping clients in private practice since 1999 work on a variety of issues from fibromyalgia, cancer, and hepatitis-C to broken bones, torn ligaments, broken hearts, and the loss of loved ones.  Sexual abuse surfaces repeatedly as something in the background being treated more inconspicuously but has more recently come to the foreground as it cries to be addressed in a much more focused way.


What modalities do you use?

It depends on whether you live locally or long-distance.  If you are long-distance, all intuitive readings/healings are energetic and done remotely over the phone or via Skype.  If you are local, I use a combination of intuitive readings, energetic healings, hands-on body work, and transformational breath work.  Long-distance clients can also come for a visit to beautiful Marin County, California for a VIP Day or a week of intensive healing.


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What is the best way to get started?

The best way to get started is to first opt-in on the right hand side of this page to start some self-healing with the video 5 Magic Minutes. Then you can see how easy it can be to start opening a path to receiving….more love, abundance, clarity, money, and ease.

Once you’ve benefitted from the many videos on this site and you are ready for more…

Next you can schedule a complimentary 1 hour energetic assessment here:  Schedule-Your-Appointment 
Then you can decide if working together would be a good fit. I can help determine which program you are best suited for. I believe that people who are divinely contracted to work with me will know immediately if we are meant to work together.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Blessings…